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My Story

Eduqette journey began when I received a chat on January 27, 2021, saying that a high school in Japan opened their door for international students. I joined their online open campus and decided to enroll. Apart from that school, I also googled for some other opportunities from other schools in Japan. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find. I have to compare schools one by one. When I applied, I have to submit the same documents and repeat almost the same questions for the essays. I was wondering, what if there is a platform that can make the search and process to find either university or high school easier? 

I also missed some opportunities for scholarships and events, since I found about the event from my friend when it was almost over.  

There must be many other students encountering the same thing in their education journey. I’d like to make it simpler and easier for students like me, so that they can get the best education journey in life.  

About Eduqette

Education as the power to create a difference in life, sometimes hard to find, especially when it comes to finding the perfect university that suitable for us. Not to mention about the scholarships and other opportunities lies ahead, it was like finding a needle. When it comes to universities abroad, the opportunity was even lower, since it is hard to find all the information in one platform. 

Eduqette, as a problem solver from our founder and co-founder, was made to make other students find their dream universities. We believe that if the information is there, it will help other students to break a history in their life. 

The Founder

I hope Eduqette can help students like me to find their dream university, scholarship and other events that I missed during my study at school because I didn't know such an event even exist.
Claire Bridgette

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