5 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Study Abroad

Do you see your dream faculty in overseas university? 

What are you going to do? Find a replacement in the local university or dare to challenge yourself to apply in that university? 

If you pick the second option, congratulations! You are halfway through, but there are many other things you have to prepare to make your home sick stay away until you graduate. 

Let’s start!

  1. Language. This is extremely important. For most of us who doesn’t use English as the main language, we have to work harder on our language barrier. Prepare the language at least 1 year in advance prior your coming to the university. Speaking only is not enough, you have to be able to read and write and make sure you take the test to show your language ability, for example, TOEFL, IELTS, JLPT, etc. 
  2. Culture shock. There will be difference in the overseas country that you have to be aware of. Learn about the country and all the value they have. For example, in Japan, people never shake hand, only bowing their body. So, if you’re asking for a handshake, it might be awkward for both of you. Learn about the sign their using and how is their value toward things. 
  3. Money. When you are moving out to a different country, the currency also will be different. If your currency is higher to the country you’re going to live in, it’s not going to be a problem, but if your currency is lower, it means you have to plan for your financial while studying there. It is including the travel expenses, for the flight, accommodation while staying there and the other living expenses.
  4. Health. Different country might have different season and temperature. If you are from tropical country, try to live in a 4-season country, then you have to bear the cold winter. If you are from a 4-season country, try to live in a tropical country, then you have to bear the heat that is coming for the whole year in that country. Will you be able to bear the heat? In order to maintain the health, you have to start the healthy living at least 1 year prior your coming because when you are sick during your study, it’s not going to be cheap unless you have an insurance to cover for your sickness, so being healthy will help you reducing the probability of getting sick. 
  5. Food. Last but not least is the food. The different taste will make you have less appetite and make you crave for the food from your country. For example, in Japan, you will find raw food served in sushi or sashimi. If the habit of eating raw food is not available in your country, then you can start to try going to the nearby restaurant to adjust your tongue to the taste of food.
That’s it. If you prepare those 5 things, you’re going to be all right. 

When you study abroad every step is a learning experience. – Johan Asplund, DreamStudies –